What is ATENES Association of Civil Rights Lawyers?

ATENES Association of Civil Rights Lawyers is a non-profit organisation that originated in the autumn of 2017 and was legally constituted in March 2018. It brings together a group jurists committed to the defence of the civil and political rights of our country’s citizens and [civil society] associations.

What is our aim as an association?

ATENES’s aim is to contest the ongoing deterioration of the fundamental rights and freedoms of Individuals, Citizens, Associations and Peoples in our country.

It is unacceptable that in the 21st century civil society in Catalonia must organise itself to defend its freedom of expression, the right to moral and physical integrity, the right of assembly, the right of association, the right to public protest, freedom of movement, the right to political participation, the right to be elected and eligible, the right to effective judicial protection, the right to private property without threats or coercion from the State against citizen’s personal and business assets and, above all, the right to non-discrimination based on birth, culture, language or political ideas, and the right of a people to self-determination, especially the right of the Catalan nation to self-determination. Civil Rights, in short, are the rights that allow us to live as free citizens/individuals/human beings.

It has been a while since Spain’s powers that be and their highest representatives (the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers, the Constitutional Court, the Monarchy and the Fourth Estate) started operating outside of fundamental democratic principles, without due respect for the separation of powers, the primacy of the principles of freedom and justice, and supreme respect for the will of the people.

This democratic anomaly urgently requires a massive response from citizens at all levels (political, institutional, social and legal). In this sense, ATENES Association of Civil Rights Jurists has decided to take action within their own domain, the legal sphere, responding by means of the law to the aggressions against their rights and freedoms suffered by individual citizens and [civil society] associations in our country.

Thus, following a scheduled calendar, the first legal action was taken on April 30: a criminal complaint was lodged against the President of the Supreme Court and the General Council of the Judiciary and nineteen other members of the high judiciary.

This first action and those that will follow are all previously agreed upon by both prisoners and exiles, as well as their legal defence teams, and therefore seek the broadest legal consensus.

We also believe that one of ATENES’s functions is to inform citizens of the actions we carry out.

That is why we decided to create this blog.

Barcelona, 1 May 2018